Our approach

Our work is based on a 10-point approach:

  1. We develop and design together with the affected people.
  2. We perceive transformation as a permanent process: phases of “rest” merge with phases of modification and change (“unrest”).
  3. We strengthen the flexibility and alterability of organizations. We hence work closely with internal consulting and support systems.
  4. We pay close attention to coherence of methods and aims.
  5. We believe that independence and entrepreneurship can only be achieved if the affected people themselves experience the new values and approaches in the modification process.
  6. We design the organizational development processes as quickly as possible and as profoundly as necessary. Quick procedures can sometimes be very purposeful and can generate a big impact through a precise move. The modification of old patterns and ingrained behavior requires more time and a more profound approach.
  7. We combine process-related support with expert consultations wherever useful and necessary.
  8. We undertake development and process consulting with a flexible approach: With any topic/problem, specialized knowledge can be integrated into the modification process.
  9. We offer support with the implementation because the success of organizational development projects is crucially determined by the degree and quality of implementation.
  10. We make sure that steps toward implementation are taken throughout the entire process.