Our approach

Group coaching & supervision
We support your team, your group or your project organization in reaching the goals you have set. In this process, we take into account the social, structural, and individual interactions that affect the cooperation of the group members.

Our experience in leadership, organizational development and project management enables us to assist you with expert advice.

Supervision is a well-established method in the social sector and in non-profit organizations. In profit-oriented organizations, terms such as organizational development and team building are used for similar practices. Both relate to consulting offered by a coach with expertise and facilitation skills.

Individual coaching
Individual coaching is centered on you as an individual, your skills, your transformation process, and your personal requirements regarding consulting. Generally, 5-7 sessions are required to work through a subject matter proposed by you. We adhere to the principles and professional ethics of the Association for Coaching, Supervision and Management Consultation (BSO; German: Berufsverband für Coaching, Supervision und Organisationsberatung). We are BSO-certified and possess all the coaching skills required to successfully support you in your process.

Link: www.bso.ch